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  • Are there any fruits that you intensely dislike?

Nope! I’ve never had a fruit that I disliked. 

  • What fictional character would you marry (or otherwise affiliate with in a very positive aspect) in a heartbeat?

I wouldn’t marry him, but I’d honestly love to hang out with the BBC version of John Watson. He’s the perfect blend of amazingly perfect person and sarcastic asshole that makes for a great friend and person to hang out with.

  • Is there a song you would use to describe your life right now?

Ummmm, is there a song that goes something like 

I am mostly content, 
I sit at home and play video games with my friends, 
and spend hours on tumblr,
I wanna get a job and move out, 
but no one’s hiring, 
and so I live at home all day,
where my mother pisses me off 24/7,
but I deal with it anyway


  • Of the various character archetypes/tropes out there, which do you like the least?

I’ll get back to you, I don’t know. Is “mischaracterized in fics” a thing? Because that’s the only thing I can think of.

  • Do you think your fandoms are kind of “mainstream”? If they are, does it bother you?

Yes, of course they are (at least on tumblr). I watch BBC Sherlock, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Hannibal, Merlin, etc etc. Does it bother me? HELL NO. WTF, WHY WOULD IT BOTHER ME? There’s art. There’s fic. There’s discussion about every detail of every episode, and there’s just so much STUFF. Why and how could that ever be a bad thing?

  • Would you rather have an endless supply of pastries or frozen treats?

This is a difficult question, as I love both :/ Pastries are more of a morning thing for me, though, and frozen things are an afternoon/late night thing. So maybe I guess frozen things?

  • What kind of person do you find most difficult to deal with?

Invasive talkative people. Ie, the ones who seek you out to talk your ear off when you’re just trying to have a nice quiet day. Generally loud obnoxious people, those who think they are the funniest thing on the face of the planet, but they’re making really hurtful sexist/classist/racist or mental health jokes. Actually, that’s a big one for me, when people make jokes about mental health (and I guess specifically self-injurious behaviour) or are otherwise woefully misinformed about said topic.

  • If you had a magical familiar, what shape would it take on? And what do you think its personality would be like?

It would be some sort of small furry critter, canine, feline, or other. It could be a domestic skunk…? Because they’re super friendly and cuddly and curious, but then it would have no problem speaking it’s mind, and if you said or did something it didn’t like, it would immediately be like “The fuck is wrong with you, go sit down and think about what you did. NO NO NO, DON’T TRY TALKING TO ME, I SWEAR TO GOD, I WILL FUCK YOU UP. GO. SIT. DOWN. RIGHT. NOW.”

  • How do you feel about puns?

Appropriately used puns are fantastic. And even a marathon of puns used on one topic in a short time span (1-5 or so minutes) are fine. But a pun every ten minutes out of the blue just leaves me like…what? So…Spur of the moment puns=GOOD. You just wanted a pun, so you looked around and thought really hard to figure one out, and you finally got one and said it out of the blue with no context=POOR CHOICE. And pun baiting. Like, trying to get someone to say something so you can unload an arsenal of puns. What is the point? (WHAT’S THE BIG FURRY ANIMAL IN THIS PICTURE? OH YOU SAID BEAR, NOW I CAN SAY ALL THE BEAR PUNS I CAN!)

  • Is there any type/stype of clothing you really like but feel embarrassed to wear/feel like it’s not right for you? Or at the very least, admire.

Ummm, not that I can think of? I really don’t care if it’s a style I don’t really wear, if I fit in it, and I like it, it’s mine and I will wear it, end of story. 

My Questions: (it says 11, but Eric did 10, soooooo)

1. What is the weather like outside right now, and is that a tolerable way for weather to be in your mind?

2. SING US A SONG! Or, well, what’s a song that’s been stuck in your head?

3. If you were a fish, what kind of body of water would your want to live in? (fish tank, a specific ocean, lake, etc)

4. Idealy, where would you like to live when you’ve grown older?

5. What is your barebones life plan? (Ie, at what age do you see yourself graduating, moving out, getting married if that’s something you want, etc)

6. Give us a picture of something, anything. What does this thing mean to you?

7. Laptop or desktop and why?

8. Do you wear a perfume, cologne, or heavily scented body wash? If so, what is that scent?

9. What’s your favourite word?

10. What is your favourite environment for doing something creative?

(Optional 11th question: Try and describe the shade of your favourite colour to a person who has never seen it.) 

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